10,5 years

Import FRANCE, yellow gene, Champion of Czech Republic, Hungary and Croatia


Sire: ICH CARPENNY CATCH POLE, HD A, ED 0/0, Elite A, Trialer, Optigen A


Health:  hd A, ED 0/0, OptiGen A, full dent., EIC carrier


Working certificate - Special Water test, Int.Field Trials for Retrievers


Show results:
Champion of Czech Republic, Hungary and Croatia, 14x CAC, 8x r.CAC

Date Show Place Result Judge
06.02.11 CACIB Brno (CZ) Excellent 1, veteran class A.Verbeck (NL)
29.05.10 Spec.Show RK CT Konopiště (CZ) Excellent 2, res.CAC Mrs.C.L.Morton (UK)
06.06.09 CLUB SHOW RK CZ Oslavany (CZ) Hon.class, Best Stud Dog Mrs.S.Cuthbert (UK), Ballyduff
21.09.08 CLUB SHOW RK CZ Panská Lícha (CZ) Excellent 1, CAC M.Reynolds (UK), Carromer´s
02.09.07 CACIB Tirgu Mures (RO) Excellent 1, CAC L.Pipas (RO)
01.09.07 Dracula Dog Show Tirgu Mures (RO) Excellent 1, CAC S.Firlik (PL)
25.08.07 CACIB Innsbruck (A) Excellent 3 B.Ting (D)
23.06.07 CACIB Brno (CZ) Excellent 4 Donoghue (IRL)
12.05.07 CLUB SHOW Hluboká n.Vltavou (CZ) Excellent J.-R. Sauge (N)
21.04.07 CACIB Č.Budějovice (CZ) Excellent 4 D.Smržová (CZ)
14.04.07 CAC Ostrava (CZ) Excellent 4 M.Stanovský (CZ)
10.03.07 CACIB Graz (A) Excellent 1, CAC S.Jarmer (A)
10.02.07 CACIB Brno (CZ) Excellent 3 Z.Antonovič (CZ)
27.01.07 CACIB Trenčín (SK) Excellent 2, r.CAC M.Novák (SK)
13.01.07 CAC Olomouc (CZ) Excellent 1, CAC A.Krutská (CZ)
01.10.06 CLUB SHOW Schallaburg (A) Excellent 3 H.W.Fone (UK)
16.09.06 CLUB SHOW Žebětín (CZ) Excellent E.Rautala (FIN)
24.06.06 CACIB Brno (CZ) Excellent 1, CAC S.Jarmer (A)
15.06.06 CLUB SHOW Kefermarkt (A) Excellent 2, r.CAC M.Givan (UK)
03.06.06 CACIB Nitra (SK) Excellent 3 L.Ubrová (CZ)
21.05.06 CACIB Varaždin (HR) Excellent 2, r.CAC H.M.-Jarisch (A)
20.05.06 CAC Novi Marof (HR) Excellent 2, r.CAC D.Vučič (HR)
22.04.06 CACIB Č.Budějovice (CZ) Excellent 1, CAC M.Novák (CZ)
08.04.06 CAC Ostrava (CZ) Excellent 2, r.CAC Mr.Antonovič (CZ)
28.01.06 CACIB Trenčín (SK) Excellent 3 Mr.Antonovič (CZ)
14.01.06 CACIB Nurnberg (D) Excellent 4 Mrs.J.Green (UK)
18.09.05 CAC Mosonmag.(HU) Excellent 1, CAC Mr.C.Attila (HU)
03.09.05 SPECIAL SHOW Umag (HR) Excellent Mr.H.W.Fone (UK)
30.07.05 CACIB Oberwart (A) Excellent 2, r.CAC Mr.P.Berchtold (A)
30.04.05 CACIB Budapest (HU) Excellent 1, CAC Mrs.A.U.-Moe (S)
18.09.04 SPECIAL SHOW Winnenden (D) Excellent 1, CAC Mrs.P.van Dee (F)
12.09.04 CACIB Osijek (HR) Excellent 1, CAC Mr.P.Berchtold (A)
11.09.04 CACIB Kesckemet (HU) Excellent 2, r.CAC Mr.J.A.Amaral (P)
22.08.04 CACIB Debrecen (HU) Excellent 1, CAC Mrs.J.Szilágyi (HU)
18.07.04 CAC Košice (SK) Excellent 1, CAC Mr.A.Liknar
20.06.04 CACIB Portorož (SLO) Excellent 1, CAC Mrs.J.Vandoni (I)




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